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Bailey & Glasser has a national appellate practice, and its team of experienced lawyers has represented clients in the United States Supreme Court, every federal Court of Appeals, and in numerous state appellate courts around the country. Bailey & Glasser appellate lawyers have handled appeals in a number of substantive specialties, including patent law, ERISA, antitrust, class actions, environmental law, international law, and criminal law. Whether handling briefing and arguments or providing appellate consulting services for trial lawyers handling an appeal, Bailey & Glasser can strengthen the presentation to appellate courts anywhere in the United States.

An appellate eye can be valuable to the litigation team throughout the lifespan of a case. Our appellate team provides a range of services for our clients in addition to briefing and arguing appeals. We are available to provide pre-litigation evaluation of appellate issues likely to arise, trial consulting and support, and other appellate consultation. An appellate lawyer on your trial team provides valuable perspective on preservation of issues for appeal, as well as presenting the best possible case to the jury. We have a thorough understanding of what it takes to persuade appellate judges, and what it takes to build the right record to put the client’s best foot forward.

Key Contacts:
John W. Barrett
Benjamin L. Bailey