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Cybersecurity & Global Data Protection

It’s essential that all businesses have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in order to protect both their customers’ capital and their own, whether it’s financial, intellectual, or reputational. Bailey & Glasser LLP possesses the talent and experience necessary to help your business navigate the challenges that come with data security and privacy. Cyber-attacks have become the new norm and any company that maintains the personally identifiable information of others is at risk. To ensure that your business is in the strongest possible position, a full security assessment is a must. You should identify and map your data, train your employees, develop an incident response plan and establish relationships with law enforcement officials. It’s also critical that you review and update your current policies to shield your officers and directors against liability. Good cyber-hygiene is a must for businesses and, by being proactive, you can prevent most attacks and be prepared if one does happen. The team at Bailey & Glasser – made up of former government officials and privacy litigators – can help to fortify your company’s defenses and protect it from intrusions.